18 de agosto de 2016

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Loop is a thoughtful robot, sent from his home planet on an observational mission. But before he could begin his exploration, the Institute captured him and removed a vital part of his circuitry.

Help Loop navigate the strange rooms of the Institute, using green energy orbs to pivot your way into the ever-morphing tesseract.

You're invited to a new dimension of puzzle games.

This is a dimension in which the poignant story of a lost robot interlocks with 100 puzzles that will turn your brain in circles. A dimension where a hauntingly beautiful acoustic soundtrack underscores the mysteries behind the shadowy Institute.

Loop is a game in which words are powerful, a game in which vision becomes action.

Loop is for those of us who know that history repeats itself. For those of us who look at the world and ask for something more, who aren't content merely to observe. For those of us willing to imagine that a robot, held captive in a malevolent world, might be alive. For those of us who ask questions, and who journey far to seek answers. And of course, for those of us who love a good puzzle.

Loop is the minimalist puzzler you've been waiting for.

Loop is a pay-once-and-play game. Upon downloading the game, all 100 handcrafted levels are yours, with no ads or in-app purchases.

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