30 de agosto de 2016


Criminey Cracker!!

Ya search for that cracker of an app ends here!

Yep! That's right, travel down under to the Aussie outback, to help a farmer out, and help catch the roos that have stolen his socks. Equipped with a lasso, ya goal is to catch those little blighters by the tail! Pivot the lasso off of objects or use the wind to snatch them up around tight corners.

But...each roo has a special ability -- they jump, they run, they blow stuff up!! And, it's all animated!! That's right, their eyes pop out of their head, their jaws drop, and so much more that's guaranteed to keep ya laughing. And, if that wasn't enough, there's still helpful animated tutorials lead by the farmer's friend the dingo, as well as animation scenes at the end of every section. Check out the promo video at https://youtu.be/FENf_3NB6J0 if ya don't believe me.

As ya gain more points, upgrade the number of lassoes per level and get up to 5 times as many. Ya can even increase the number of bonus lassoes / items that ya get too in the upgrade section.

There's always that one level though...am I right? Well, don't lose hope, if ya can't catch a roo, the dingo can always help ya out. He'll "catch" those roos no worries.

Now, can I assume that ya probably hate ads? Well...ya won't find a single ad during general game play, or at start up. What we've done is included an animated ad game inside Lasso a Roo that makes having ads fun, and they only appear 1 in 4 level starts/restarts, unless you take the dingoes advice and "Remove All Ads" or "Remove Annoying Ads" (which will mean they'll only appear 1 in every 12 level starts/restarts).

So, if I've missed any details there's:

- 72 Single player levels (6 stages).
- 12 Multiplayer Levels.
- Animated Tutorials and End of Scene bonuses.
- Animated & fun advertisement game.
- 3000+ individually drawn cartoon images.
- Stereo, cartoon sound effects.
- iOS 6.0+ compatibility.
- OpenGLES 2.0.
- Facebook sharing.
- In-App purchasing.
- Push Notifications for Multiplayer users.

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