4 de agosto de 2016


A Suikoden inspired RPG game, time travel to an eastern mythical world, recruit legendary heroes and defeat the Jade Empire. Experience a deep story, great tower defense / RPG gameplay, and enough content to keep you occupied for months!

- A great mix of tower defense and RPG gameplay.
- Embark on an epic journey to defeat the Jade Empire, enjoy a deep comics story.
- Multiple side stories and hidden Easter eggs.
- Over 70 beautifully hand-drawn stages, delicately designed.
- Over 30 heroes to recruit and train, form your own dream party (25 heroes available so far).
- Massive hero system allowing you to train heroes, enhance and equip gears.
- Hundreds of epic gears to collect, enhance, and equip your heroes.
- Multiple enemy types - foot solder, Calvary, heavy infantry, invisible, flying, and war machines.
- 9 different defense towers, each with strength and weakness.
- Unique elemental system - gain tactical advantage with your towers.
- Various TD gameplay to explore - obstacles, portals, battle buffs, rage skills, etc.
- 3 difficulty levels, challenge yourself.

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