3 de agosto de 2016


Real-time Simulation Battle to compete against players worldwide!
Mankind! Dragons! Goblins?! Control various Units and prevail with your own Troops!

[Do you have what it takes to be a God?]
You will join "GODGAME" the battle to decide the next God as a candidate called "Successor".
Create God's army by assembling heroes, monsters, and famed creatures in order to rule the GODGAME to become the top Successor!

[Compete anytime, anywhere with players worldwide]
Just 3 minutes a match! The free-in battle system sets you free from the fuss of creating match room or waiting for members.
It is easy to enjoy an online match with players far away, with your spare time.

[The strategy does the speaking, "Real-time Simulation (MOBA)"
"Tank", "Strike", and "Assist"
In GODGAMES, you can utilize the traits of each types of Units and enjoy startegic battle.
Form the troop that maximizes the Units' strength, and cooperate with your allies to take advantage.

[Story Mode with epic chronicle]
In the single-player mode, the story of Successor's Troops of God clashing with the Levimore Army will unfold.
Enjoy the deep storyline and breathtaking genuine simulation battle.

*MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
Style of game in which players are divided into 2 teams, each controlling their character,
and cooperate to destroy the opponent team's base to win the match.

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