28 de agosto de 2016


Some day, Floaty Balloon who lives in Balloon World has been thrown away from home due to being unexpectedly flung by Bigbostome who invaded the park. When he woke up, He realized being in barren desert ‘Dry Dry Land’. So He asked Breeze to come back to the park again. To go back home, The Balloon has to carry out missions that bloom flowers with breeze. Can He come back home safely home with the help of the breeze?

- All New Operating method : Move balloons, becoming wind.
- Constantly Extendable world and New experience : Floaty balloon provides a variety of worlds.
- Game background : Objects and day/night could be changed as a real time.
- Passport System : You are a traveler! Check the information out from the passport.
- Duty Free Shop : Make a reasonable purchase of diverse products in the game.
- Various Characters : Buy balloons as my taste and Play games!
- Enhancement : Travel further as enhancing your character’s ability.
- Item : There are various items to enjoy the game more.
- Daily mission : A game in the game. It proposes another funny.
- Daily Event : Play Games and Gain some complimentary items.

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