10 de agosto de 2016


Play football with ultimate control and realistic ball physics. New 2017 design with incredible graphics.

Five addictive game modes including nail-biting free kicks, arcade style target practice, and showing off your football skills in the crossbar challenge.

NEW FOR 2017
The beautiful game is more dazzling than ever with all new graphics and state-of-the-art special effects, including depth of field and bloom. New 2017 design, new players and pitches, different times of day, weather conditions including rain and snow, new classic and pro footballs, even more player kits and animations.

• Realistic ball movement with physics
• Award winning "flick and after touch" controls
• Incredible graphics
• State-of-the-art post processing effects
• Take free kicks against defenders and goalkeeper
• Fast paced target practice against the clock
• Precision shot challenge with trophies to win
• Crazy football stunts for extreme sports fans

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