22 de agosto de 2016


In October 2015, many photographs of a "UFO mother-ship" that "appears semi-cloaked" which was supposedly seen by "multiple witnesses" appeared in India, Brazil, China and elsewhere.

Lots of articles about this are prompted by some online Medias including a British tabloid newspaper, which claimed that those were genuine photographs, and not edited.

Incredible! However, those photographs were created by this tool – Filter Camera & Endwar!


Filter Camera & Endwar is a UFO camera app which can generate UFO special effect when you take pictures. It offers 7 different UFO effects and photo filters which are so real that you might even be astonished. These special ufo camera filter effects will make your photos cool and attractive. It looks natural, original and no PS. You can only find these features with extremely good effects here.

This ufo camera program is very easy to use. It’s a filter camera which helps you take photos with UFO effect. That’s all! You don’t need choose anything else. Photography and share! However, if you need some more features, you have some choices here too.

Because this special and easy-to-use ufo camera app only provides you the best UFO effect, it has a small size and will response you with unbelievable fast speed. Time is precious, save some time for the great future.


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