22 de agosto de 2016


For most of us, we won't take pictures when a heavy storm is coming. It's too dangerous. But there is still something spectacular when a Storm is coming.

Is that possible to keep that moment? I firmly not recommend if you are not professionals. However, there is a better solution.

Cam Storm, a professional storm effect camera app, is the solution. This camera app will give you storm effect when you take photographs. You can easily keep the moment and very safe.


With a simple yet stylish easy-to-understand interface, Cam Storm should be one of few apps which provide storm effect. It makes your photos immersive like a real storm. So true, even no differences!

Life is beautiful. But when we think too much, it becomes complicated, complex and uncontrollable. Cam Storm is a simple filter camera which offers you only Storm effect. If you like it, just make a few taps and share with your friends.

Because this special and easy-to-use camera app only provides you the best Storm effect, it has a small size and will response you with unbelievable fast speed. Time is precious, save some time for the great future.

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