27 de agosto de 2016

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Light the streets on fire and bomb the biggest hill in town. Point your board toward destiny and leave the world behind. The only way out is to get down.

One finger interface. Hold your finger down to crouch/prep, drag to slide, release to pop an ollie, swipe mid-air to bust. Ollie gaps, knock over trashcans, unlock tricks*, and dissolve the edges of perception in those moments of high speed clarity- then lose it all and touch the pavement with your face and contemplate life on the ground before doing it again.

No one is watching, no one cares. This is between you and time and space and the curved reality of gravitational acceleration. Get your tricks and lines in early because once you start cooking the points amplify and the margin of error closes in on you like a black hole.

Hang loose. Look down the line. Timing is everything. Precision is key.

Designed by a skateboarder, optimized for iPhone, casual endless skateboarding version 1.0. No ads, no in-app purchases, no missions, just high scores. When you reach about 500k you are getting it.

“In walking, just walk. In sitting, just sit. Above all, don’t wobble.” ~ Master Yun-men

"The only way to know for sure how far you can push it is to lose it." -John Smythe

Option to play through your own background music, with our without sfx. Track by daji33ban. Inspired by the tall streets of San Francisco and the skateboard poets, prizefighters, and warriors who bomb them. Mechanics influenced by Canabalt, Tiny Wings, and Infinity Blade.

* 1.0: Kickflip, heelflip, melancholy, fs360, bs360, tre-bomb. Front and backside slides. More to come.

F-Bomb, by Fireflower.

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