27 de agosto de 2016


Take control of Jimbobway, the legendary miner of Kryon-89, as you fall head first down a mine that seems to have no end! Grotesque monsters and hazards are trying to put you out of your falling misery, but you must do whatever it takes to survive as long as you can! Find out what happened to the legendary Jimbobway before taking control of The Miner in End of the Mine!

Navigate Jimbobway by swiping up and down on the left side of the screen and shoot your way to safety by holding down the right side of the screen. Each time a monster meets its end, there's a chance for coins to drop which you can use to purchase awesome perks to be better prepared next time! Each perk has a unique effect on Jimbobway or his guns and can stack on top of each other. These make each playthrough surprisingly unique and action-packed!

Complete challenges that net you even more shiny coins! Challenges like "Killing enemies", "Surviving for a period of time", or "Using multiple guns" give you varying amounts of coins. When you're done - rinse and repeat! Each challenge will keep you coming back for more!

• Randomly generated levels making each playthrough unique and entertaining!
• Purchase Perks to enhance your character and weapons to aid you in each playthrough!
• Global and Friendly leaderboards allow you to compete for the #1 spot in the game!
• Purchase different skins to change Jimbobway’s appearance!
• Get rewarded for completing different challenges!

Endless Mine will continue to be updated with new fixes, features and content after launch!

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