2 de agosto de 2016

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In the art of fighting enjoyable for all adults and children and activate your focus to get rid of enemies of others are un welcome and you assemble the stars fall from the bad guys so you can survey and free renewed fighting in play at each stage getting stronger and find a solution to the puzzle
Welcome back End Of The Samurai In appear quite differently from the excitement and fun in the latest technology to identify safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike!
Be careful of the Samurai must be well to defend yourself with a strong focus of the dreaded Ghost care as well as damage to damage from unwanted Ninja Be sure fear and terror may die from the inside at any time, or anytime!
Fun and excitement in the fight Samurai very entertaining children and adults alike, you can sit in your room and enjoy the live atmosphere with End Of The Samurai
the story :
Someone poor but he loves the art of fighting since childhood among a small family and the bad guys break into the village and killed the poor, including his father and mother grieves many Hu is raising his little sister and considering a move to his parents and getting enthusiastic that he be strong can afford one and ripe grow up and be in their youth decides to take revenge who killed his parents in front of his eye, but difficult to reach him because he is the center of a large, dark palace and no one sees easily decides intrusion and war baddies in order to reach their leader and kill you now, his assistant and liaison to the leader and kill all the bad guys of this story of the hero abbreviation you with unique features of Five Nights with Ninja and get rid of terrorism, which they kind Get rid of the freezer and the movements of the art of fighting and dysfunctional and enjoyable event tool game

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