7 de agosto de 2016


*Warning: You will find endless fun and challenge here!*

Elevator Mania is an arcade-style game that will put your multi-tasking skills to the test. It is a balance between bringing humans safely down to the ground floor and killing aliens who are here to take over the building. Rise up the leader boards through immense skill and intense concentration. Kill the aliens, save the people, and deliver them to the ground floor!

Game Events
1) Elevator Rush Hour
- It's Rush Hour! Test your skills and reflexes in this Rush Hour event where the humans are rushing to get to work and you will find that they are very impatient indeed.

2) Alien Invasion
- From a faraway land, the aliens have come to look for humans. Protect the humans by killing the aliens before they get to them.

3) Void Deck BBQ
- A chef is busy cooking on the ground floor, the smoke rises and obscures your view of the building. Be vigilant, and get the humans down!

Game Features
- Leader boards
- Achievements
- 7 unique elevators
- Insanely challenging

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