27 de agosto de 2016

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Our story begins in a world with elemental magics.

When there are magics, there will definitely be magicians, which are never lacking of magical things.

The once-in-a-year graduation ceremony begins, while something terrible happens in the Royal College of Magics. The malicious wicked witch who has been hiding in the Dark World shows herself and kidnaps the old headmaster. By controlling our most admired seniors, they have committed quite a few of crimes. The magical world has been ruined, I shall use the power of elements to restore it, dispel the magics of the wicked witch and bring back our old headmaster and seniors.

The most classical tile-matching game with adorable and fresh styles and highly-resoluted images.

Over ten grand scenes will be gradually unlocked. There will be numerous levels. Currently, level 120 has been unlocked.

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