30 de agosto de 2016


Aetsoft / CCEDK ApS are excited to offer you pre-launch registration for the DinoMess GeoGame!

Download before the official release - and receive 50 DINO markers instantly to your account (Google account required).

Look out! The dinosaurs are coming for you! All you have to do is go outside and search for them with millions of other dino hunters - LIVE.

So what is DinoMess? It’s an endless adventure! Explore your neighborhood looking for unique new creatures, hunting dinos and exploring the real world as well as the augmented one. Places you know will appear completely new and strange. Invite your friends to join you on this fantastic journey.

Find dinos, train them and complete challenges, solo or with friends. Compete and win!
Your adventure begins here! Search for and try to catch all the dinosaurs. Keep your collected dinosaurs in your DinoPark where you can train, feed and make them stronger for competition.

Find many different dinosaurs, use bait and traps for hard-to-catch species. Explore endless possibilities to train and improve your creatures and even breed your own unique dinosaurs! All of this and much more is available in the GeoGame DinoMess! Augmented reality is here for you!

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