12 de agosto de 2016


Crazy Bikers 3 - finally here!

The latest and greatest Crazy Bikers of all time!

Millions of people played and loved Crazy Bikers 2. Now we present you Crazy Bikers 3, a major leap in the series. Developed completely from scratch, it contains awesome new features, new game mechanics, a new gameplay experience and simply gorgeous graphics. Being a free game, there's no need to say much more... just grab your bike and go for a spin!

Some major features:

- Simply beautiful high definition art and incredibly rich scenery!
- Original music and rich environmental sound and effects.
- Fine tuned bikes featuring realistic physics.
- New gameplay featuring multiple tracks in the same race.
- Extremely smooth gameplay.
- 10 cool and crazy riders with their extreme bikes.
- Boost button, just use your bike mounted rocket to speed up!
- Completely transform and evolve each bike, rider and boost!
- Simple but super fun and addicting game mechanics;

Lots of features coming up next, be sure to leave us a nice review if you like the game!

Start pedalling around the world!

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