10 de agosto de 2016


Bombum is a new, fun and very exciting game! You will learn how to play in a minute, but will not be able to break away even for a while. What do you need to do? A little ingenuity and precision!

Shshsh! Can you hear someone moving in the purple bushes near the acid lake? I bet this is another monster! I wonder which monsters live in the wild? Wouldn't that be nice to catch the invisible monster, and what is even better - a 3rd or 4th level flying monster! If captured, you hit jackpot to buy new fantastically powerful bombs. Keep shaking off your hands, keep precision on your way!

Well? Hunting out for monsters? Here you have bombs, a map and coins – go for adventure in 5 fantastic unexplored lands! Pass challenging missions where you have to show how smart you are, your accuracy and the ability to spend your wealth in a smart way.

Pass missions at 3* to catch a new monster. Keep track of inventory, weapons and monsters you got, you can improve them. If you collect 5 equal monsters or bombs, you can combine them into double powerful one! Stay strong, use logics, strategic thinking and of course an eye for detail. Unbelievable adventures awaiting you!

Are you into logic games where it is required not only to think but choose the best tactics to develop your skills and abilities? Bombum is a mixture of arcade, strategy and adventure for children and adults. Ever played Tanks on paper? The ones where you draw a point on one side of the notebook, then fold it up and hit the tank? Bombum is the reincarnation of that board game.

One more thing! Bombum can be played offline! But if you want a competition, here's the online mode for two. You can play online with other players attacking them, bombing them with weapons you earned in missions. Only the best will be on top! The game has the King of the Hill mode where you can fight to be the best in the world! But if you want to play in the subway or in the country - the game has offline mode!

The game also has RPG elements. Monsters and bombs can be improved by combining them by five. Then you get a whole new monster, twice as strong! The main thing is to hit the target because you are a sniper, aren't you?

The game is entirely in Russian. The game was created in 2016. Be the first to try a new exciting game. Dowload Bombum now for free!

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