10 de agosto de 2016


Welcome to Block Town - craft your city! Build your own perfect and flourishing city. Build it wisely with a view to its future growth for all inhabitants and their needs.


- 3 different life zones are available for your city block crafting. All zones vary by lush flora and living creatures!
- Fight the monsters! Various sly and dangerous monsters endanger the safety of the city. Protect your city and its inhabitants!
- Run your own 3D house! Get engaged in agricultural activities! Enter the mass production of foods.
- Domesticate various animals and take care of your livestock!
- Discover the secret stashes with hidden rare resources for farming and countless treasures!
- Broad system of achievements allow you to craft your own, unique, living block place!
- Choose skins from presets and enjoy new skins for minecraft - pocket edition for free.
- Start to craft new items, build a town (your own castle), become the king of Block Town!

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