13 de agosto de 2016

1,99 €

AnyMap. The ONLY app for true off-the grid navigation!!!

Use literally ANY map to navigate with GPS precision. Even a paper map!

Navigate anywhere without the need for any phone signal, in any country without incurring extra charges. AnyMap takes a photo of your map and seamlessly overlays it with the built-in GPS.

Think of the many times you wish you'd had AnyMap:

- At a trailhead without a phone signal? Fear of getting lost or missing an important turn on the trail? No problemo! Snap a picture of the posted map and navigate!
- In another country and don’t have a map? Roaming too expensive or your phone doesn’t connect to the network? Just take a picture of a map from the hotel or your travel guide and you’re set!
- Went on your trip and realized you forgot to download “offline” maps? AnyMap is your companion for these unpredictable moments. Find a map, snap it and go!

- Use any printed map to navigate!
- Use unlimited maps
- Track your movement and draw it on the map
- Save maps to the Camera Roll as extra backup
- Different map calibration modes for out-of-whack maps keeps you on track

Get AnyMap today!

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