12 de agosto de 2016


Animal Sports lets you run, throw, and jump your way to victory against 19 cute zoo animals in some of your favourite Track and FIeld events.

Run faster than a Raging Rhino!
Jump higher than a Jolly Giraffe!!
Toss further than a Triumphant Turtle!!!

Athletics events include 100m, Hurdles, 400m.
Field Events include Javelin and Long Jump.

Play a quick game, or go for gold in the Paw Island tournament, or challenge to become the best in your circle of your friends or even the world!!!

19 zoo animals can be selected :- Bear, Rhino, Beaver, Bull, Bunny, Crocodile, Chicken, Kitten, Fox, Gorilla, Dog, Penguin, Owl, Tiger, Racoon, Turtle, Platypus, Polar Bear, and Lion.

Train your zoo animal by buying stars to improve speed, strength and stamina. Improve stats by buying special hats, each with their own characteristics. Turn your Athletic Amateur into a Living Legend!

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