28 de julio de 2016

1,99 €

Welcome to SNOWHORSE! The snowboarding horse game you never asked for but always wanted. Bring your snowboarding skills to the next level by being a horse.

Gameplay consists of doing 1080 Horse kicks and Misty flips. Its like your favorite skateboarding or snowboarding game but with a horse... that wears hats.

SNOWHORSE is a hilarious and funny game. Its not to be taken seriously.... unless you are wearing a pumpkin head while doing a 1080 because that is actually hard to do.

* Snowboard down hills as a horse
* Be a horse
* Ragdoll when you fall and laugh
* Laugh when you fall and Ragdoll
* Be a horse
* So many bugs!

Did you forget that you can play as a snowboarding horse? because you can.

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