Wobblers is an exciting and addicting arcade game, in which you are equipped with a rocket to navigate your character to the highest heights. On the way up, you’ll have to collect power ups, avoid obstacles, and keep your Wobbler aboard!

- Simple balancing controls.
- 50 ultra cute Wobblers to play with.
- 300 missions to complete.
- Bonus mode: Rainbow Rush.
febrero 22, 2017


¡Oye,! ¿A dónde vas corriendo? ¡Tienes algunos jugadores qué comer!
¡Compite contra jugadores de otros países para volverte en el más grande que hay!

¡Empieza como un pequeñín Mr., y cómete a otros jugadores para crecer! Sólo intenta no convertirte en su cena.

• 18 Misters y Misses hambrientos.
• Característica CORRE – actívala para rodar más rápido, pero haciéndote más pequeño.
• Artículo BOMBA DE PÁNICO - ¿Alguien te persigue? ¡No hay problema! Aviéntale una bomba.
febrero 22, 2017

4,99 €

An epic adventure through a mysterious mountain filled with monsters, magic and mayhem!

“ looks downright incredible.” - Pocket Tactics

“If you’ve ever played a tabletop RPG and been lucky enough to have your dungeon master build out a miniature set, that’s what Tin Man’s done here. It’s absolutely delightful...” - PCWorld

“I can speak on behalf of Fighting Fantasy fans everywhere when I say that this is, to date, the most enjoyable and definitive adaptation of the gamebook” - Game Cynic

• A tabletop adventure come to life with figurines and an environment that assembles itself.
• Fully interactive story, with 1000s of choices, which change for each of the four heroes.
• Story and choices adapt to adventuring style with unique hero quests to complete.
• Over 100 beautifully crafted character and monster figurines to find and interact with.
• Simultaneous turn-based combat system using hero weapon skills and clashing dice.
• Outwit your opponents by learning their fighting styles and predicting their moves.
• More heroes, fighting styles and quests available to download.
• Adapted from the best-selling Fighting Fantasy gamebook by legendary game designers Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.
febrero 22, 2017


A world abnormity arose suddenly―
That is the villain or the resolver...

The first collaboration of splendid creators who brought forth a wide variety of games!
That is “CLASH ARMS.”

Six heroes join together one by one to find out the root of the abnormity arisen in the world and weave their story.

Head for the north end country... What does wait for you there?

CLASH ARMS is a clash-action RPG which players can beat enemies by throwing handheld weapons. With the battle mode of AUTO and X2 Speed, you can enjoy the battle as you like.
Rich stories, well-matched sounds, unique and adorable characters must excite you. Let’s start your adventure now!

Explore everywhere. Get many items and golds.
The various shops help your journey in the town.
Improve and upgrade your owned weapon by golds!
Win the battles in a row at Arena and get rare things!

Find out the truth of this story with you hand!
febrero 22, 2017

0,99 €

Limited Time Offer! 80% OFF! Until 4th Apr.

"Warriors of Genesis", is an ARPG based on one of the epic stories from Chinese ancient myth - Shan-Hai Jing "Classic of Mountain and Sea".

You can change between 4 different characters on command in the game. Characters gain powerful skills by transforming to their elemental forms; moreover, they have their own specific abilities, such as the power of word or the power of nature, which can be used in the interactive tricks and gimmicks.

Evil forces sealed away for ages have been neglected by the gods. Now they have escaped to invade the human world and destroy them forever! Destroy your enemies, take on new missions, guide your four heroes to find the gods’ weapons and unlock their true potential to save the world!

- Easy to play Hard to master, simple control various skill.
- Greatest offline Action-RPG, Pay once play forever.
- Puzzle and Action! Let your character develop their potential.
- High-quality visual experience! Chinese mythical monster are just in front of you.
- Various scenes! There're so many chambers of secrets and deadly traps in this world.
febrero 22, 2017

4,99 €

Dungeon Rushers es un RPG táctico 2D que combina juegos de calabozos y peleas por turnos. Maneja tu equipo, saquea calabozos polvorientos, aplasta ejércitos de malvados y crea un equipo poderoso. Sé parte de una aventura épica con una colorida gama de personajes en un mundo fuera de compás. ¡Construye tu propio calabozo y desafía a otros jugadores!

En el transcurso de una misión épica, explora muchos calabozos y saquea sus tesoros guardados. Construye tu propio equipo al elegir la mejor combinación de héroes para sobreponerte a las trampas y monstruos que acechan en la oscuridad.

Mejora las habilidades de tus héroes para hacerlos más temibles, y ubícalos estratégicamente para conseguir la victoria.

Crea tu quipo por tu cuenta con componentes reunidos durante tu travesía, gracias a un avanzado sistema que consiste de seis tipos de elaboración.

¡Completa calabozos y sus desafíos extra para desbloquear la dificultad heroica, donde solo los mejores consiguen el tesoro!

¡Construye tu propio calabozo en el cual puedes esparcir trampas y monstruos para prevenir que otros aventureros saqueen tu tesoro! Contrata a tu "dream team" (equipo soñado) al explorar un mundo donde los calabozos y los feudos han sido abandonados por los hombres a peores criaturas. ¡Ataca los calabozos de otros jugadores para saquear su tesoro!

• Un modo campaña lleno de humor con varios ambientes y sonidos y gráficos.
• Un modo interactivo de exploración.
• Peleas por turnos revisadas con un toque nostálgico.
• Un sistema avanzado del manejo del equipo (armamento, mejora de talentos, posiciónes de lucha, etc).
• Una gran gama de talentos para usar (explorar, curaciones, esquivar, desactivación de trampas y acosar monstruos).
• Un sistema para crear armamento que contiene muchas resetas desbloqueables.
• Grandes posibilidades al volver a jugar en el modo heroico de cada calabozo.
• Una arena en línea con partidas y tablas de posiciones.
• Batallas con amigos para morir contra la gente que ambas.
• Una música épica personalizada.
febrero 22, 2017


The peaceful Kingdom of Parsus, once a land full of peace and prosperity has been struck by an unknown terror.
The King has called upon his greatest hero, to defeat the evil and save the Kingdom! Play in this action packed turn-based RPG, as you fight against waves of monsters to test the limits of your skills and discover the mysterious terrors that lie beneath.

Phantom Blade is a highly tactical turn-based game, players will have to balance limited skills with weapons and artifacts in an attempt to survive and battle their way through the waves of dungeon monsters


Follow the Crimson and Scarlet as they make their way through endless dungeons,
in this highly tactical turn-based RPG, players will have to balance limited skills with weapons and artifacts in an attempt to survive and battle their way through the waves of dungeon monsters.
Complete quests, challenges to unlock hidden skills and collect weapons and armour. Discover ancient artifacts and repair them to reveal the secrets of the Phantom Blade.

febrero 22, 2017

0,99 €

Go on an adventure, exploring a free to explore open world at your own pace!

Stunning graphics and sound draw you into a fantasy island where you can go on quests and collect treasure items hidden around the island.

Super easy to use controls - Now anyone can go exploring in glorious 3D!

Everything is automatically saved, so you can pick up where you left off!

Get ready to go adventuring!
febrero 22, 2017


This is not “just another chess game”!
Battle Kings is the ONE AND ONLY true real time strategy chess app for mobile.

Challenging opponents wait for you. Show them what you've got!
febrero 22, 2017


Who will you share the end of world with?

Survivor Frequency is set in a world where there has been a Zombie Apocalypse. Your Phone is a radio and only means of connecting with other survivors. Go find your post-apocalyptic dream match.
febrero 22, 2017

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