· Desarrollador: Spiderweb Software
· Fecha de lanzamiento: Último trimestre de 2016

octubre 22, 2016
· Desarrollador: Eden Games
· Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 De Octubre de 2016 (Soft Launch)

octubre 22, 2016
· Desarrollador: Givit Game Studios
· Fecha de lanzamiento: Sin confirmar

octubre 22, 2016
· Desarrollador: isTom Games
· Fecha de lanzamiento: Sin confirmar

octubre 22, 2016


DISPONIBLE EN: ca, nz, au, ph

RIDGE RACER is back with RIDGE RACER™ Draw & Drift, instant multiplayer drift racing fun on the go!

Use your finger to trace your car’s path around the track, blast off the grid, then tap at the right time for massive drifts.

Hit your perfect racing line, max out the drifts, and power past the chequered flag while your online opponents cough in your dust!

Simple draw and tap gameplay lets everyone in on the fun, with all the mighty drifts, pounding music, and luxurious graphics you expect from a RIDGE RACER game.

Win first, second, or third podium places to earn chests of coins and cards, then upgrade your ride and tear through even more of the competition.

Master the draw and drift technique and your car upgrades to climb the leaderboards and show your worth against the best of the best worldwide!

- 16 BEAUTIFUL CARS to unlock and race, each with their own Power, Handling, and Nitro abilities.

- 6 ACTION-PACKED TRACKS to discover as you test your abilities through the heart of the city.

- MULTIPLAYER RACING against four real opponents in online play with intelligent matchmaking.

- COLLECT CARDS AND COINS by claiming a first, second, or third podium position, and use them to power up your ride.

- UPGRADE YOUR CARS by tactically combining cards for the winning combination of Power, Handling, and Nitro. Spend coins to upgrade cards for an even sharper race edge.

- CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDS through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues all the way to the Legend League where the world’s greatest racers compete for ultimate victory!

- RIDGE RACER race queen Reiko Nagase is waiting for you at the start line… Are you ready to race?
octubre 22, 2016


How accurate can your taps be? Find out with TapiX, a fast-paced reaction game where you must tap as soon as a passing shape fully overlaps a center rectangle. A millisecond too late or too soon and the center rectangle will reduce its size with the area that didn't overlap.

Layer after layer rectangles fly by from four different directions and your goal is to achieve the perfect overlapping match. Each rectangle moves faster than the previous one thus it will be addictively frustrating to try and survive long enough for a high score. Can you become the most accurate tapper?

A rectangle of a given area is the centerpiece of your game dashboard. Simply tap whenever a flying rectangle overlaps with the center piece. Think that's easy? Here's the trick, if the overlap is not perfect, the area that's outside the overlap is cut. So your center rectangle will get smaller each time you don't match precisely the shapes. The secret of the game is fast precision matching!

Whenever the overlapping is imperfect your rectangle shrinks and the match game is over if there's no overlap when you tap. However the game grants you another chance every time you tap and there's an EXACT MATCH. If the overlapping shapes match precisely your center shape grows a bit. The more accurate your taps will be, the bigger it will get. This makes TapiX more than a simple game, but a whole fast reaction test game.

All you need to do is TAP, TAP, tap is all you need to do! That's right, TapiX has incredibly simple controls as the only action from your side is to tap whenever you think the flying rectangles overlap as precise as possible with the center shape. The simplicity in playing the game is matched (and over-matched) by how incredibly difficult it is to achieve a high score, as the more you play the faster the action gets.

Every correct match brings 1 point so the more layers you correctly overlap, the higher your score will get. Flying rectangles come in from all 4 directions and if you miss one or the overlap area is empty then the game is over. However, if you get a high enough score you can access the worldwide leaderboards. Pick a name and then see how well you are at TapiX compared with the world. You can enable notifications for achieving a new record and also share your performance with others easily via social media.

You can connect with Facebook to invite friends and see who's got the faster precise reaction game skills. If you have Facebook friends that play this reaction match game too, you can filter out the leaderboard to show only those. This way you can initiate challenges to see who can get the highest score. Can't decide who should create the presentation? Who should take out the garbage? Who must stay in late? Settle the issues with TapiX, challenge friends & family to see who gets the highest score and who's the loser that must do the deeds.

TapiX was designed on the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid) so that you, the player, can enjoy the actual gameplay rather than useless eye candy. Thus its interface is gorgeously simplistic with a focus on the action. Material design style elements make the overall graphics an extraordinary visual treat that coupled with fast-paced sounds create an amazing gaming experience.

What are you waiting for? Install TapiX for an incredible fast-paced reaction testing experience. As the game increases exponentially in difficulty, the reaction match game rounds are short enough to make this the perfect game to play for passing time.
octubre 22, 2016

1,99 €

Beat 'em, Stab 'em, Shoot 'em or Blow 'em Up! It's all about having fun, Fun and more FUN ... and killin' zombies.

Disrupted Logic Interactive’s Dead Corps 2 follows the story of a top-secret virus code-named “H7” that caused a global crisis when it was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public by a rogue government. Dead Corps 2 picks up where Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak left off. It is an action packed, white-knuckle, first person zombie shooter game, where the goal is to shoot wave after wave of attacking, ferocious zombies whose ferocity increases with every new wave. Players earn valuable in-game coins for every hit, pick-up, or zombie kill, and can use those coins to buy new guns, bullets, and special items.

- Free in-app store, gamers use gameplay points to buy weapons and upgrades.
- New and improved weapons.
- Every weapon is different and gives the player an entirely new gaming experience.
- New and improved Zombies, they’re meaner, faster and much more challenging.
- NEW and improved easy to use controllers.
- Clean interface and design.
- Optimized for mobile.
- Uses the new catalyst™ technology for an enhanced interactive gameplay experience.
octubre 22, 2016


Join your Quiz Host "Chuck Cheeseman" in a fun game of blocky celebrity spotting!
In the latest Verby-Noun game you have to identify over 200 famous stars, celebrities and historical figures.
You will find actors, singers, writers, athletes and even a scientist or 2!

Featuring minecraft style parodies of your favorite stars of today and yester-year.

If you get stuck why not reveal a clue to help you on your way, or ask your friends for help?

With over 200 stars to spot there are plenty to keep you guessing!

Fun for all the family!
octubre 22, 2016


An action-arcade game with cannon balls, ghosts, furious snowmen and seagulls.

Go to an adventure! While other pirates enjoy life at Tortuga, go on a journey in a frail (but cute) skiff and sail fearlessly to gain glory and wealth. Relying on quick reflexes to dodge or attack countless enemies waiting for you. Deploy your powerful cannon, use the impressive "Dash" attack, unlock many new skills and discover dark ufand mysterious places.

- Unforgettable gameplay across the continents including endless levels.
- Breathtaking scenery and a classical soundtrack
- Seagulls
- A refreshing adventure exclusively on mobile
- Master your boat and discover crazy moves
- Seagulls !
- Battle legendary Monsters and Gigantic Bosses

Piracy is never finished and through easyBoat everything becomes possible, even shooting seagulls.
octubre 22, 2016


Ser granjero no es fácil, en este caso, ¡es potencialmente peligroso! ¡Pero no temas! Tus habilidades de correr, saltar y lanzar no te defraudarán... casi nunca.

Vende las frutas y verduras que recoges en tu granja para conseguir beneficios, desbloquea más de 30 personajes, completa docenas de retos, ¡y construye la mejor y mayor granja que puedas!

Harvest incluye varias opciones de accesibilidad, tales como:

-Modos para daltónicos
-Vibración de pantalla opcional
-Sensibilidad táctil
-Una característica única llamada Dirección de Juego. En la mayoría de los juegos de correr, al jugador se le ve correr de izquierda a derecha de la pantalla, pero Harvest también puede hacerlo al revés.
octubre 22, 2016

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