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Leaf is a new Twitter client that connects you to the world with an all-new interface, fun gestures and attractive animations. Leaf considers every tweet with photo/video attached and personalizes it by smoothly merging the two together as one, taking up less screen space and in return, allowing you to read more tweets on the screen.

Leaf comes pre-loaded with Night Mode which will automatically adjust itself according to your surrounding ambience. That way, you can comfortably enjoy using Leaf all day and night. We focused on making Leaf as simple to use as possible with the features that matters most.

• Add multiple Twitter accounts.
• In-app notifications.
• In-line media/gif.
• Lists (create, edit, subscribe).
• No advertisements.
• Push notifications.
• Stream over Wi-Fi/cellular.
• Tweet details.
• Tweet marker.
• WYSIWYG interface.

Along with the above key features, Leaf offers other features that you'd expect from editing profile, search for tweets and users, quick reply notifications to attaching multiple images to a tweet.

Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy a fun and new Twitter experience with Leaf. There's already so much Leaf has to offer and fortunately the roadmap ahead is still extremely long. This is only the beginning.
septiembre 30, 2016
septiembre 30, 2016



Do you have what it takes to survive hell on Earth?

Begin a desperate struggle to survive an apocalyptic world full of danger and opportunity. Gather skilled survivors to your side and unite against relentless attackers – both living and dead. Scavenge in the city, wage war on infected zombie camps and take what you can from other survivors. When humanity falls and the dead rise, you must do whatever it takes to survive in this apocalyptic combat-strategy game.

Each survivor has a unique ability and backstory to discover. From the enigmatic Kane to the bow-wielding Rosie, not everyone is what they seem.

Resources are hard to come by in the apocalypse. Keep your food and gas safe with Watchtowers, Flamethrowers, Tesla towers and more!

Form devastating scavenging teams and raid rival players from around the world to steal their precious materials, amass victories and climb your way up the leaderboard.

Exterminate zombie-infested camps in tactical missions and shoot the dead in the Zombie Hunt mini-game to unlock rare items and special weapons.

Master a new layer of strategy as you control your survivors’ moves during raids and make tactical use of their abilities to keep them alive.

Scavenge resources and rare items to upgrade your buildings and survivors. Create the ultimate camp and become the envy of the waste!
septiembre 29, 2016



The ocean called you to Motunui! Create your own magical paradise inspired by Disney’s newest animated film Moana.

Join Moana, Maui, and more to create and customize your island, complete quests to earn rewards, and discover the islands of Oceania. Your island adventure awaits!

• Build your village with the help of Moana, Maui, Pua, Heihei, and more!
• Set sail and journey throughout Oceania to discover new islands and people.
• Grow and harvest crops, craft tools and objects, and trade with islanders and friends.
• Muscle up and take on Maui’s Challenges! Complete special timed quests to win rare rewards.
• Collect pets and fill your wildlife sanctuary with baby turtles, dolphins, and more.
septiembre 29, 2016



Have you got the skills to lead a tribe of mischievous kitties to paradise, where infinite fish await? Cats Empire is the purr-fect mix of strategy and simulation games, where you'll compete against other cat tribes to take over Whiskertown! Can you create a feisty tribe of furry felines that will take you to the top of the leaderboard?

Raid other tribes to take their fish and charms, then head back home so your kitties can heal and feast on all the fish they stole. Upgrade your furry minions to improve their individual skills, collect and craft items to boost your tribe's power, and soon you'll be running the show!

Every cat has an important role to play, and it's up to you to decide what that is. Some cats you'll want to train as stealthy fish-stealing machines. Others you'll mold into fearless little attackers who'll bring home charms to grow your tribe. You can even cross-breed your kitties to create powerful super cats with the skills you need to succeed. Strategy is the name of the game when you're clawing your way to the top of the leaderboard!

You'll need to be a cunning cat commander to keep your furballs fighting fit. Brace yourself for some challenging boss fights, unlock new areas to explore, and discover new tribes to loot! There's always a new tribe on the block, so you'll need to protect what's yours to claim your place at the top of CATS EMPIRE!

• Create and manage the ultimate tribe of cats.
• Lead your tribe into battles.
• Develop sneaky strategies and tactics.
• Cross-breed your cats to create super cats.
• Beat challenging bosses.
• Unlock different areas.
• Complete quests.
• Gain items and unlock features.
• Compete against tribes worldwide.
• Conquer the global leaderboard.
• Play anytime, anywhere (mobile, tablet, web).

Ready to embark on an epic journey to cats' paradise and claim your place at the top of the leaderboard? Get started right miaow!
septiembre 29, 2016


DISPONIBLE EN: ca, us, au, gb, ph, sh

Forge your tribe with cities and outposts on map and push the border against global competitors. Challenges awaits, prepare your warriors for a big hunt!

Come to experience the most original PVE and PVP battle in this new free MMO SLG, ally with your friends, and be Brutal in the prehistoric party!

- Build & Expand your territory and Burn your rival’s land.
- Zoom the map smoothly, and see every details on map.
- Choose your Horde and fight in wars with global players!
- Train 15+ unique barbarian clan troops with specialities.
- Terraform your land into mountain, lake, forest or swamp.
- Hunt Mammoths, Sabertooths, Treant and all the Ancient Monsters
- Conquer the Wonder to become the Chieftain of all chiefs!
septiembre 29, 2016



Welcome to the madness!
Immerse yourself in a brilliant new variant of tower defence game. Protect your last barrel of Beer from the Zombie horde and score on!

Forget beer pong, quarters, movie characters... Who needs beer drinking games when beer IS the game! Protect your cask of golden ale from zombies! And not just any zombie, beer-chugging zombies! Don’t ask why they couldn’t go after barrels of pinot noir or chardonnay, grab a gun and shoot them, quick! Don’t forget to rejuvenate by nabbing energy bolts, because what good beer-maker doesn’t leave a few energy bolts around for that extra boost of energy? If the zombies get to your beer cask despite your best efforts, then consider it a Beerexit. But we welcome players of all nationalities, don’t you worry!

In the city of Beerlin, the populace craved for Beer all day! A sudden crisis of Beer struck the city making everyone go erratic and eventually turn into zombie like creatures. Hiding from this madness, one old man managed to stay human using his last stock of Beer. Years passed, while he was figuring a way out and finally the day came when the zombies discovered the presence of Beer and started breaking open the barrel. The years of collected fear manifested into rage and he jumps in action to protect his Beer and shoot his way out!

• Experience a fresh and fun new Zombie shooting game.
• Face-off funny and atrocious zombies.
• Adopt uber cool weapons such as the Acid gun, Jumbo-ice gun, Radical gun and a lot more!
• Become the unstoppable, by using powerful boosters such as the Shockwave, Thunder Strike and the ultimate Nuke!
• Unlock brag worthy titles as you Score higher and rise up the leaderboard.
• Collect timed rewards daily and special bonuses from notifications.
• Double your fun by inviting friends on facebook and dash through each other’s score. The best player tops it all!
• Share your score across all popular apps including whatsapp, twitter, instagram and a lot more.
• Game center powered Leaderboard to watch your friends and competitors!
• Designed just for you! with simple controls and first of its kind (in a shooting genre) - cyclic movement mechanics.
• Play anytime, anywhere! Just keep scoring!
septiembre 29, 2016


Recruit powerful followers; comprehend new skills; equip suitable gears; create your legions and use the best strategies to kill the enemies’ masters!
septiembre 29, 2016

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The hit console game has been refreshed and is now available on iPhone! Arcadecraft welcomes you to the start of the arcade revolution! Buy and place arcade machines for your customers to play. Customize the walls, floors and pillars of your arcade to increase its popularity. Tap, tap, tap and build a fortune one quarter at a time!

- Over 100 arcade machines available to access from the very beginning!
- Name your arcade!
- Customize your the inside of the arcade by choosing a variety of colors for the pillars, floors, and background.
- Smooth 3d graphics taken directly from the console original!
- All new gameplay style that takes classic Arcadecraft and makes it casual friendly.
- Share screenshots and progress to Twitter!
- Game Center support for high scores.
- BEST OF ALL: No in app purchases! All of the game content is available to you from the start!
septiembre 29, 2016


Welcome to the #1 FPS Experience for mobiles and tablets!

Let’s go ! Prepare yourself with deadly sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and state-of-the-art military gears to join the dire battlefield to save the world.

Be a brave soldier on the battlefield, strikes back the huge creatures in the sky, mutated spiders emerge from the ground or the deadly machines can destroy everything in the combat zone.
Or you can become a silent killer moving through darkness, finding the best vantage points and take the all-important Kill Shot !
Maybe you are the frontline commando or the professional sniper who can carry out impossible missions ? Whoever you are, hear the call of duty in your heart from battlefield

In STRIKE BACK you must face:
- Assault: Basic enemy, use assault rifle.
- Machine: heavy-armed enemy, can throw Grenade and has more HP.
- Sniper: armed with sniper rifles, this enemy attacks from far away and high above, along with RPG skill, they are real kill shot.
- Healer: utilizes shotgun for melee attack, also uses HP-healing skill for themselves and their partners.
- Drone: flying robot, they can freely attack you from above, with super fast machine guns.
- Canon: Automatic machine-gun robots.
- Crab: deadly bomb-carrying creature, prone to destroying themselves and enemies with self-destruct attack.
You will fight many bosses in the war zone. They all make a crisis invasion. Your duty is brave

After accomplishing missions, you will rescue, recruit partners to the team and cooperate with them in future missions. Each squad member has specific position and skill, and they are your effective sidekicks at each battleground against this crisis invasion.
- Soldier Hank: a commando, specializes in assault rifles and an expert in grenade (grenade-throwing skill).
- Soldier Jimmy: a commando, uses machine guns, also an expert in healing ( Skill : Heal HP for all team members)
- Soldier Lena: a commando, use sniper rifle, an expert in RPG, our kill shot (a powerful skill, able to attack ground and air targets)
Build powerful alliance, an elite force, Compete for high scores on your own or with Alliance against opposing Alliances in the modern combat, Your duty is believed to go to the war zone

The specific weapon of the army for modern combat
In STRIKE BACK you can equip weapons and support items:
- Take to the frontline with Sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and secret weapons for kill shot, just for elite force.
- Support items like grenades, RPG, medkit
- Besides, if you are an expert in assassination, equip a Ghost Gun, a weapon that causes fear in every battlefield
- If you like to break out the dead of frontline, here comes the machine gun , a weapon of choice in the frontline.
Arm yourself with the best weapon to fight against this crisis invasion, Your duty is ready.

The government has made a big mistake when they desired to raise the combat capability of the army. They strengthened their soldiers by newly discovered creature from Mars. Things got out of hand at restricted area 47 when this creature had seized control of the strengthened army. That become a real crisis invasion. Let’s join Jones to combat the enemy, doing the impossible missions to stem the tide.
septiembre 29, 2016

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